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Tell Congress: Support the NO BAN Act!


At the start of 2020, the Trump administration announced it would expand its racist Muslim ban to restrict immigration from six more countries in Africa and Asia, further institutionalizing xenophobia and Islamophobia in the U.S. The expansion took effect on Feb. 21. 

Take action today to end the Muslim ban—and any racist ban put forward by the Trump administration, including its attacks on the asylum system.

Congress is expected to vote on the NO BAN Act soon, and we need to speak out now!  In addition to calling for the repeal of Trump’s Muslim ban and other policies that have made it nearly impossible to seek asylum in the U.S., the NO BAN Act would limit this administration—and  any  future administration—from ever enacting policies that will target people based on religion or other criteria.

Take a stand against hatred and bigotry and tell Congress: Pass the NO BAN Act!

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