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Tell Congress: Support an end to Israel’s forced displacement of Palestinians

More than 1,500 Palestinians—more than half of whom are children—in Jerusalem will be displaced from their homes, under the municipality’s plans to demolish Palestinian buildings to build a biblical theme park. In the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood, 169 residents—including 46 children—face imminent displacement as the Israeli courts have ordered them to leave their homes to make room for Jewish Israeli settlers.

These forced displacement actions are part of an ongoing Israeli policy that forces Palestinians out of Jerusalem by stripping their residency rights, confiscating property, denying building permits, and destroying homes. In March of this year alone, at least 58 Palestinian structures were destroyed by Israel. And as many as 20,000 Palestinian structures in Jerusalem are subject to demolition.

It’s critical for the U.S. to take a stand against these ongoing human rights violations.

Contact Congress today! Tell your elected officials to support H.R. 2590 and urge the State Department to take action to end Israel’s demolitions of Palestinian homes and property and its forced displacement of Palestinians.

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