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Tell Congress: Protect DACA and TPS recipients and create a roadmap to citizenship for all immigrants!


Over the past two years, the Trump administration has rescinded Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) for more than 700,000 young people, many of whom have lived in the U.S. for most of their lives. They have also ended Temporary Protected Status (TPS) for immigrants from Haiti, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Nepal, Honduras, Sudan, Guinea, and Sierra Leone–putting more than 300,000 people at risk of deportation.  

Terminating these programs is a cruel attack on our immigrant communities. Congress must create a permanent solution to keep families and communities together. 

Congress must provide permanent relief for DACA and TPS recipients without expanding detention infrastructure, increasing funding for ICE and CBP or further militarizing our border communities.  

Tell the Senate: Pass legislation like the Dream Act of 2019 and the Secure Act of 2019 to protect TPS and DACA and create a roadmap to citizenship for all immigrants! 

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