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Take action to end immigrant detention quotas!

Take action to end immigrant detention quotas!

President Obama’s federal budget proposal includes funding for an immigrant detention “bed quota.” The quota requires Immigrations and Customs Enforcement to have at least 30,539 immigrants in detention at any given time. Denying immigrants their liberty while lining the pockets of private prisons to meet a quota is immoral. 

Please join us in demanding that Congress deny funding for the bed quota in the FY15 federal budget!

Contact the Capitol Switchboard at (202) 224-3121 and ask to be connected to your Senators and Representative to share your concerns. 


Sample script

Hello, my name is _____________________ and I’m calling from (city, state).

I’m gravely concerned about the immigrant bed quota in the President’s FY15 budget proposal, recently made available to Congress. A policy requiring over 30,000 immigrants to be placed in detention every day is immoral. It separates loving families, subjects detainees to inhumane conditions, and unnecessarily restricts freedom. It is also disturbing that half of the beds in immigrant jails are run by private prison companies, whose primary interest is in profiting off of restricting the freedom of immigrants.  

As a constituent I would like for Representative _____________ / Senator ____________ to reach out to his/her peers on the Appropriations Committee and request that the bed quota language be removed from the FY15 budget.

Please honor the importance of family unity and the humanity of our immigrant brothers and sisters by helping end the bed quota.