Please contact your state legislators in Iowa to support SF2270, which establishes a refugee family support services pilot program

Refugee Family Support Project is a model that engages, trains and empowers refugee community leaders/members to help bridge the gap in services, and increase access to existing services such as: housing, transportation, healthcare, schools, welfare, employment, etc while growing leadership and building communities.

To find your legislator, visit:

An estimated 10,000 refugees have made Iowa their home in just the past five years. They are one of the most vulnerable, often exploited and largely invisible communities in Iowa.

Resettlement models have changed over the years and resources to help these incoming families have dramatically decreased. This has left many Iowa communities with large number of refugees who are a big part of entry level workforce in many meat processing plants and other manufacturing industries. However, with little support and services such as language services available for these families, many are still unfamiliar with all the existing resources that are available to them.

This program is designed to build capacities of these communities, strengthen them and enable them to become more successful.

[With thanks to Sanjita Pradhan, 515-339-5302.]