Now that the state has closed the door on its dalliance with private prison operators, it's time to lock it by passing HB 443.

An April 3 statement from the Departments of Corrections and Administrative Services announced that the state had ended consideration of bids from private contractors to take over operation of the state's major prison facilities.   This move was welcomed by AFSC and our NH Prisonwatch allies. 

The Senate Finance Committee took testimony April 9 on HB 443, which states that the operation of prisons is an "inherently governmental" function and would block full-scale privatization.  But William Wrenn, the Commissioner of Corrections, still believes the bill's emergency clause -- which gives him authority to transfer prisoners to privately-run facilities on a temporary basis in the event of an emergency -- is overly burdensome.  We think this conflict can be resolved, and that if State Senators hear from enough consitituents they will find a way to meet the Commissioner's legitimate concerns while making it clear that the prisons should remain in public control. 

Please contact your Senator now.

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For even more information and to get active in efforts to stop privatization, visit NHPrisonWatch.