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Stop the Deportation of Ana Karina Vivar!

Please take action to support our AFSC New Mexico colleague and his family.


Please make two calls today to stop the deportation of Ana Karina Vivar who was picked up yesterday in Santa Fe and is in ICE custody in El Paso to be deported:

My name is Don Bustos and I am a farmer in Española and director of the American Friends Service Committee in Nuevo Mexico. Today I received a phone call from my stepdaughter Ana that she has been picked up by ICE and put on a bus to El Paso to be deported.

Ana was born in Guatemala but has lived in Española for 18 years since I married her mother Blanca. She has two US born citizen children whom have grown up on our family farm in Española.

Ana was in compliance with all of the terms of her probation from a conviction stemming from a conflict with her ex-husband. ICE detained her when she went in for a regularly scheduled probation appointment.

My two citizen grandchildren, 12 year old Angelo and 9 year old Alexis, were at school when this happened. Ana is the main support and provider for her family and the main caregiver for her brother, who is disabled. We are shocked that Ana has been separated from her two children and our family.

It is possible for ICE to use their discretion and not deport Ana. One way that people have stopped deportations is calling the ICE agents listed below.

Please call right away so we can keep her home with us!

 Make two quick calls:

(915-225-0885) Ask for Adrian Macias, El Paso Field Office Director, Immigration and Customs Enforcement

(202-732-3000) Ask for John Sandweg, Acting Director, Immigration and Customs Enforcement

Make sure you give the A# and name slowly so they can write it down.

YOU COULD SAY: "Hi I am calling to ask that ICE grant a stay of deportation on the case of Ana Vivar A#074673830 and close her case. Ana has lived in the US for 18 years, is the mother  of 2 U.S citizen children and caregiver for her disabled brother. All three need her home. According to the Memo issued this year, caregivers of citizen children like Ana should be considered for discretion and be released."