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Speak out against the Muslim ban


The Trump administration's Muslim ban executive order has sparked protests and criticism across the country and the globe. The revamped executive order is aimed at avoiding lawsuits, but making the Muslim ban legal will never make it right.

We need you to act now, and call on your member of Congress to oppose the ban.

Call your Congressperson today, and ask them to support legislation introduced in both the House and the Senate that would overturn this racist, anti-Muslim executive order.

Contact the Capitol Switchboard at 202-224-3121, and ask for your senator or representative. When you are connected with their office, you can use the script below.

"Hi, I'm a constituent, and I am calling to ask the member to get on the record as opposing the Muslim ban. Refugees and immigrants should be welcomed to our country.  "

Call three times to be connected to each of your senators and your representative. Call volumes have been high, so if you can't get through, consider looking up the number for your local office—usually found on the member's website.