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Sign Petition to Defend Article 9 of Japan's Constitution!

Sign Petition to Defend Article 9 of Japan's Constitution!


I am writing to urge your support for an international petition campaign to defend Japan’s Peace Constitution. The petition, designed to press Japanese Prime Minister Abe not to amend Japan's Peace clause, Article 9 was initiated by the Peaceboat organization in Japan.

As you may know, Japan will hold elections of the Upper House of the Diet on July 21.

This petition seeks to highlight the global support for war-renouncing Article 9, as several parties, notably Abe's Liberal Democratic Party, have made constitutional revision a priority.

Please take a minute to sign the petitionAnd please share the petition with your friends.

Japanese defenders of the Peace Constitution trust  that this initiative will contribute to ensuring that voices in support of Article 9 are heard in the lead-up to the election. They plan to hold a press conference shortly before July 21 (ballot day) and hope to collect an impressive number of signatures by then.

Thank you for your support and contribution to saving Article 9 and preserving peace in Asia and the Pacific.

Joseph Gerson
American Friends Service Committee