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Pledge to protect our democracy

Election integrity is at the heart of any democracy–and it is up to all of us to protect and enhance it! People who have successfully countered election violence in other countries have testified to the power of having lots of people standing up for election integrity. Make your commitment to democracy known by taking this pledge and sharing it with others. 


I believe that everyone should have safe access to vote and that everyone's vote must be counted, without interference or intimidation. This is an essential human right and a core commitment of any healthy democracy.  

I pledge to vote if I am eligible to do so, and to stand against voter suppression in all its forms. 

I pledge to nonviolently protest to protect our democracy if election results are declared before all votes are counted. 

I pledge to nonviolently protest to protect our democracy if a duly elected official is denied a peaceful transfer of power. 

I pledge to work nonviolently to protect those in my community under threat from election related or white supremacist motivated violence.

Will you be one?

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