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Join letter writing ladder in Colorado

Support the human rights of immigrants and advocate for just and humane immigration reform—join the Denver Letter Writing Ladder.

Coloradoans for Immigrants Rights (CFIR) is a project of the American Friends Service Committee. We’re ramping up our efforts to get published as local and national immigrant rights groups work with the Obama Administration to pass just and humane immigration reform.

The letters to the editor page of the newspaper is the second most read page nationwide. It is also the first most read page by policymakers.  The media undeniably affects people’s ideas about immigration; this letter-writing ladder is one solution to biased media and the many myths surrounding immigration. You can change people’s ideas about immigrants and challenge these myths through thoughtful and accurate letters to the editor. 

Feel free to pass this invitation on!

How it works

Join CFIR’s Denver Letter Writing Ladder today by emailing Jordan Garcia at or calling 303.623.3464.

The letter writing ladder divides volunteer letter writers into tiers of four. When an article about immigration appears in The Denver Post, CFIR emails the first tier with “Your Invite to Write!” You are asked to write one letter about every three months.

CFIR provides volunteer letter writers with:

  • A link to the original article
  • 3-5 talking points to get you started, maybe a fact or two
  • Easy instructions for submitting your letter