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CSBP Restorative Justice - September Webinar Series 2022

Tuesday, September 6, 13, 20.

Restorative justice is about relationships—how you create them, maintain them, mend them. It is based on the philosophy that we are all interconnected, that we live in relationship with one another, and that our actions impact each other. This September Tuesdays webinar series is an introduction to Restorative Justice:

  • what the practice and its principles are
  • how it strengthens communities through accountability
  • how it shifts away from punitive modalities

Each webinar session will build on the preceding one; attendees are strongly encouraged to attend and participate in all 3 sessions:

Sep 6, 13, and 20 at 7-8:30pm ET (4-5:30pm PT)
Tue Sep 6 7pm ET (4pm PT) - Principles

What is Restorative Justice? How does it address harm? How do we exist restoratively in our communities?

Guest speakers: Reverend Ron English and Brenda Waugh

Tue Sep 13 7pm ET (4pm PT) - Accountability

How are communities strengthened through strengthening ties between the person who caused harm, and the person who received harm?  Restorative Justice works because of accountability.  Kay Pranis dives deep into the concept in this webinar, ranging from the mechanics of accountability to the effects of accountability.

Tue Sep 20 7pm ET (4pm PT) - Applications

We've learned about Restorative Justice, how does it get applied in our communities?

This Restorative Justice presentation series is created as part of the Community Safety Beyond Policing (CSBP) series, learn more at

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