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Call to ensure Newark Council approves Muncipal ID card at their Wednesday May 20 meeting

Call to ensure Newark Council approves Muncipal ID card at their Wednesday May 20 meeting

On May 20, 2015 Newark's City Council will be voting on a progressive ordinance creating the first-ever municipal ID card in the state of New Jersey. The Newark municipal ID card is a critical step toward integrating and protecting immigrants and low/no-income citizens living in our city. We applaud the Mayor, the Council and the Mayor’s office of International Affairs and Diaspora’s leadership. This policy recognizes the fact that New Jersey is the state with the third largest immigrant population and that much of this population resides in the New York-Newark-Jersey City metropolitan area. We hope that the City of Newark will set an example to be followed by other cities in NJ and around the nation.

 However we need your support in making sure ALL Councilmembers vote YES on May 20. Please call your Council Members today, tomorrow and on  May 20  with this message:

“My name is …. I am calling to urge you to VOTE YES on Ordinance 15-0804 on the municipal ID. By voting yes, you are truly speaking on behalf of the residents of Newark and are protecting the homeless, the undocumented immigrants and the marginalized population of our city.  Further, the municipal ID will ensure that these residents become active members of our community. It is a valuable tool for all residents to accomplish basic things like opening a bank account, getting into public buildings, obtaining basic services or simply taking their children to the museum. Thank you.” 


Mildred Crump: Council President: (973) 733 8043

Augusto Amador: East Ward: (973) 733 3665

Anibal Ramos: North Ward: (973) 733 5136

Gayle Chaneyfield-Jenkins: Central Ward: (973) 733 5871

John Sharpe James: South Ward:  (973) 733 3753

John McCallum: West Ward: (973) 733 6427   

Luis Quintana: At Large: (973) 733 5880

Eddie Osborne: At Large: (973 )733 3794

Carlos Gonzalez: At Large: (973) 733 6425