AFSC's Colorado Area Office in Denver is looking for folks to join the Colorado Area Program Committee (APC). The APC helps AFSC employees see the big picture, provides support for the local immigrant rights program, connects AFSC with other work/worship/networking communities of which the APC member is a part, does minimal fundraising, and learns from and teaches others.

In addition to their service, APC members have the opportunity to build their skills, gain knowledge about immigrant rights, support the tremendous AFSC staff and their effective work, and collaborate with other inspirational APC people and local communities. Being a member of the APC grants one the opportunity to work with talented individuals to build peace through the promotion of immigrant rights.

We meet at least once a month for a two hour meeting, help out on one committee, and participate in AFSC programming where appropriate and possible. The general time commitment for participation on the APC might be as little as 4 hours and as much as 12 hours per month, as is reasonable for the individual. 

If you or someone you know is interested in learning more and would like to join us, please contact Kristine Dyrsten ( or Arnie Carter (