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Annexation and its Aftermath

A conversation with Dawood Hammoudeh, Jehad Abusalim, Sahar Vardi, and Dalit Baum

Join us on June 6 at Noon ET for a webinar on annexation and its aftermath.

The new Israeli government has stated its intention to annex up to thirty percent of the West Bank including all of the Jordan Valley, major settlement blocs, and areas around Jerusalem.  A committee including Israeli and US officials has been meeting over the last month to draw up maps of areas that might be annexed.

A decision by Israel to formally annex significant portions of the West Bank fundamentally changes dynamics in Israel and Palestine and would have major impacts on people living in the region and activism that aims at bringing change.

Join AFSC staff members Dawood Hammoudeh, Jehad Abusalim, Sahar Vardi, and Dalit Baum for a conversation about annexation and its aftermath.

Dawood Hammoudeh – Acting Country Representative for Palestine and Israel, AFSC
Jehad Abusalim –Program Coordinator, Palestine Activism Program, AFSC
Sahar Vardi – Israel Program Director, AFSC
Dalit Baum - Director of Economic Activism, AFSC

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