From Sandra Sanchez, AFSC IVP Program Director: Thanks to Brian Carter (United Methodist Church) for sending this alert to members of the Network for Immigration Reform Now. For more information, visit:

Please urge legislators to approve driving permits for reasons of public safety to the members of our immigrant community who lack a valid social security number. Please, as recommended by the ACLU, focus your words on the issue of "public safety...all drivers will have insurance...this way law enforcement will spend more time addressing serious crimes, etc."

Besides making our roads safer, this bill will increase the money in county and state coffers (through the permits and vehicle registration fees these new permit drivers will pay).

If you have the time, please, please, help us make a difference. Write or call but please act!

If you prefer contacting them by e-mail, their legislative e-mail address is very simple to compose.  You simply type the first name of the legislator you wish to contact (all small letters, ie., dick) place a period, and then type the last name, ie. dick.dearden and then type  (please note periods after legis and iowa) so the entire e-mail address would look like this: underline, that is my program showing it is an e-mail address). Of course you can always just contact your own legislator to voice your concerns.  Thanks for whatever you choose to do. 

SF stands for Senate File; HF for House File; SSB for Senate Study Bill; HSB for House Study Bill



URGENT! The senate switch board number is (515) 281-3371.

Contact:  Senate Sub-Committee:  Robert DvorskyDick Dearden; Jerry BehnSenate Transportation Committee: Tod Bowman (D, District 29), Chair; Daryl Beall (D, District 5), Vice ChairHome Phone;Tim L. Kapucian (R, District 38), Ranking Member