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For nearly four decades, Arnie Alpert has helped New Hampshire move toward more justice, more peace, and more inclusion. He’s planning to retire in June, 2020.

You might recall Arnie’s leadership of the nuclear freeze campaign, the campaign to win adoption of the state’s Martin Luther King holiday, or years of education and action about sweatshops and the impact of global economic change on local workers and communities.

You might have attended one of Arnie’s workshops on active non-violence, “bird-dogging” candidates, or political advocacy.   

You might be a regular reader of the “State House Watch” newsletter, which Arnie and Maggie Fogarty have published since 2011.   

You might have been a participant in any number of movements – GLBTQ rights, resistance to racism, support for immigrants, labor solidarity – that benefited from Arnie’s accompaniment.

To honor Arnie’s legacy of action, leadership, education, advocacy, and training, we are creating a fund to sustain the NH Program, fund internships, and support special projects during the first five years of transition.  Our goal: $100,000. You can help by making a special donation to the AAA Fund, hosting or attending a house party or other event, and sharing your personal story of the impact that Arnie has had on you.



Conversations with Arnie Alpert, Part 1

Interviews and compilation by Susan Bruce for AFSC in New Hampshire, October 2020.
newsroom item

Q&A with American Friends Service Committee-NH co-director Arnie Alpert

Over the past 39 years, AFSC's Arnie Alpert has been at the center of the movement for social...
newsroom item

The state’s most visible peacenik is preparing to retire

Arnie Alpert is closing out 40 years of working for AFSC in New Hampshire. 

Barbara Keshen

“I am not sure that the Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty would have achieved our goal without the steady leadership of Arnie Alpert. Arnie knows how to run a social justice marathon. He never let our many defeats discourage us or divert us from our mission. He encouraged us to be our best selves and to look for the best selves in our opponents.”

Barbara Keshen, Chair, NH Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty, July 2, 2019

Coretta Scott King

“I know you have worked many long hours to pass the King holiday in New Hampshire, and we are all much-inspired by your tireless commitment. I have no doubt that your creative and unrelenting dedication to the New Hampshire King holiday coalition was critical to the success of this legislation, and I commend you and all of your supporters for keeping the spirit of nonviolence at the center of your efforts.”

Coretta Scott King to Arnie Alpert, May 26, 1999

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