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Quaker Social Change Ministry

Quaker Social Change Ministry

 Spirit-Led - Congregational - Transformative

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Available to all Friends who wish to do Spirit-led, social justice work connected to the work of AFSC, Quaker Social Change Ministry is a transformative approach to social justice work that combines Spirit + Action to:

  • Re-enliven and re-imagine corporate witness

  • Follow the leadership of communities most impacted by injustice

  • Build relationships within the meeting, with local organizations, and with AFSC

  • Bring "Mystics" and "Activists" together

  • Participate in a Spirit-led group process

  • Tell our stories and learn in a supportive environment

  • Co-create the Beloved Community

Quaker Social Change Ministry is based on the work of Kelly Dignan, Kierstin Homblette, and Deborah Holder who created the Small Group Social Change Change Ministry model to support UU congregations interested in doing powerful social justice work at a local level. Quaker Social Change Ministry builds on their original model and adapts it to a Quaker audience.

For more information about Quaker Social Change Ministry, check out the following links

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The Quaker Social Change Ministry Manual

A PowerPoint presentation describing QSCM in depth

An audio introduction to QSCM (1 hr)

An audio introduction to accompaniment (1 hr)

An audio introduction to Part I of the meeting structure (1 hr)

A blog post written by AFSC Director of Friends Relations, Lucy Duncan

A blog post written by AFSC Friends Relations Associate, Greg Elliott

"A Proposal for Small Group Social Change Ministries in UU Congregations," by Deborah Holder

For more information on how to start a QSCM group in your meeting or church, please contact Lucy Duncan at