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Toolkit: #FreeThemAll Days of Action

Want to organize a #FreeThemAll event in your community? This toolkit can help!

#FreeThemAll action in Chicago. Photo: Sarah-Ji/@loveandstrugglephotos 

Everyone deserves dignity and justice. But in the United States, 2.3 million people are locked away in prisons, jails, and detention centers, where they are subject to civil and human rights violations and a lack of access to adequate health care.

With the pandemic, the dangers of incarceration multiply exponentially, making every cell and cage a potential death chamber.

Immigration activists, prison abolitionists, and those calling to defund the police are organizing across the country under the call to #FreeThemAll. AFSC and partners are organizing days of action to hold protests at prisons, jails, detention centers, ICE offices, state houses, and city halls to demand the immediate release of those held in cages. We hope you will join us!

Find more #FreeThemAll information and upcoming events from AFSC.



FreeThemAll block party in Chicago
How to stay safer at a protest

Whether you are new to protesting or have been doing it for decades, these tips can help you be safe, prepared, and get your message across!

Free Them All Explainer [PDF]

Download this PDF. 

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