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1917 Society

A Community of Faithful Supporters Dedicated to Peace

The generous gifts of $1,000 or more made by 1917 Society members make it possible for AFSC to hold steadfast to our current work for justice, while we also nurture tomorrow’s voices for peace and take on new, innovative projects.

In recognition of 1917 Society members’ generosity, AFSC humbly shares unique demonstrations of our gratitude.

Partner’s Circle ($1,000 - $1,916) 
You will be recognized with special program reports throughout the year.

Dorothy North Haskins circle

Dorothy North Haskins Circle ($1,917 - $4,999)
You will receive special program reports, quarterly updates from the General Secretary, and invitations to select events.

Dorothy North Haskins graduated from Bryn Mawr College in 1909 and shortly thereafter began waork at the Hull House from 1910-1917. In the fall of 1917 Dorothy joined AFSC as a relief worker in France, Austria, and Russia until 1923. In 1934, Dorothy married Sidney G. Haskins and moved with him to Ongar, Essex County, England, where she served as President of the Women's Institute from 1936 to 1948. Join the Dorothy North Haskins Circle.

Garfield Cox

Garfield Cox Circle ($5,000 - $7,499)
We will thank you with all the benefits above, as well as invitations to join the General Secretary for program update conference calls.

Garfield Cox came from an old Quaker family that had been part of the great Quaker migration out of the south (North Carolina) prior to the Civil War. Garfield initially attended Earlham College, then transferred to Beloit College. He began a teaching career in public speaking at Wabash College. During his time at Wabash College, Garfield was a conscientious objector and began his service overseas with AFSC in France. In 1915 Garfield attended the original brainstorming meeting in Indiana that led to the creation of AFSC, with Henry Cadbury and Vincent Nicholson. Join the Garfield Cox Circle.


Vincent Nicholson Circle ($7,500 - $9,999)
You will be matched with a personal AFSC liaison who will always be available to answer your questions and hear your concerns, and will also receive all of the recognition above.

Vincent Nicholson, a Midwestern Quaker, attended Earlham College and received a Bachelor of Laws from Harvard University in 1916. As AFSC's first Executive Director, he mitigated the worries of newly drafted Quakers while focusing on relief opportunities during the First World War. His own induction into the United States Army cut this work short. After the war, he traveled with the AFSC to do relief work in Europe. Upon returning to the United States he became the peace secretary for AFSC during the 1920s. Join the Vincent Nicholson Circle.

Leadership Circle ($10,000 and above)
In addition to receiving all of the recognition above, you will be invited to travel to one of AFSC’s programs and have an opportunity to invite the General Secretary to a special event of your choosing.

Your generous gift made within AFSC's fiscal year - October 1 to September 30 - qualifies you for your selected level of the 1917 Society.