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Regional Director for Africa shares the work of AFSC with a community in Zimbabwe to transform their lives through trainings in welding and sewing in the Hatcliffe Extension. Harare, Zimbabwe.

A short documentary produced by Georgia State University students Kristy Breneman, T.J. Hicks, Victoria Temple, and Kristan Woolford in collaboration with the American Friends Service Committee's Student Career Alternatives Program (SCAP) and GSU's Peripheral Visions lab under the direction of Professor Niklas Vollmer.

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Jihye Choi, an international student from South Korea studying at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, served as a summer intern at AFSC's Area Office of the Carolinas in 2011. She made this video sharing her personal views about war and peace in Korea and exposeing the lasting impact of war. Our office debuted the video on International Peace Day in September 2011. Warning: Some of the images are graphic and may not be appropriate for children.

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Iowans marked the tenth anniversary of 9-11 at an event cosponored by AFSC and organized by the Interfaith Alliance at Drake University. Speakers included representatives from a number of faith traditions, Des Moines Mayor Frank Cownie, and Drake University President David Maxwell. Thanks to videographer Rodger Routh for this piece.

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Youth from across East Jerusalem, the West Bank, and Gaza have taken active roles to address issues such as the participation of women in social life and organizations, child labor in rural areas, lack of infrastructure, and the need for community spaces for youth.

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Three interns in Greensboro, North Carolina’s office of the American Friends Service Committee created an “If I Had a Trillion Dollars” video to address the federal spending on the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. While federal spending is increasing for war, important programs are being cut domestically. In this IHTD video, interns presented through digital film what they would do with 1 trillion dollars to improve their communities. Education, better transportation, and the creation of community gardens were ideas shown in the film.

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AFSC's Youth Program Director, Mia Jones discusses her work in the Baltimore public school system and how various programs have raised a particular group of girls' sense or empowerment.

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We stand vigil, some recite poetry, we fight against injustice as it stares us in the face.

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Racial Justice Through Human Rights Program Youth Program, Pittsburgh PA 

A racially, economically and geographically diverse group of thirteen youth met throughout the 2010 to 2011 school year to explore racial justice through a human rights lens. 

In the course of the year they looked at issues of peace, social change movements, racism and human rights. 

Out of the ideas the youth explored on racial justice and human rights came the idea of having Pittsburgh declared a Human Rights City in the US. On April 19th 2011, through the work of the group, Pittsburgh became the 5th Human Rights City in the world.

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AFSC vigil at immigrant the GEO detention center in Aurora, Colo.

The GEO detention center, a private prison in Aurora, Colo., makes $130 in taxpayer money for every immigrant they incarcerate each day.

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