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Pull the Pentagon pork budget rally 2-28-13

AFSC AND CPM GATHER TO SEND SEQUESTATION MESSAGE: TRANSFER PENTAGON SPENDING INTO HUMAN NEEDS DES MOINES - (CPM News Services, 2/28/13) - A group of Iowans heeded the call of the American Friends Service Committee and Catholic Peace Ministry to assemble in front of 1900 Grand Avenue, to protest 'sequestration' that will cut education programs. The gathering was in front of a Gateway Education facility that is scheduled for closing as a result of budget cuts.

Taxi Driver Organizing in Chicago

Taxi drivers in Chicago deserve a living wage and protection against lease overcharges. This video highlights the work of Fayez Khozindar, program director for AFSC Chicago Taxi Worker Organizing and the United Taxidrivers Community Council. The Taxi Worker Organizing Project advocates for greater rights and compensation for low-wage, lease taxi workers in the greater Chicago area.  

"An Animated Trillion Dollar Alphabet" short version (3:00)

Sixth grade students in Charlestown, Mass., designed and animated this short video. Starting with the idea that "the United States government spends $3.55 trillion a year, and a trillion dollars is a lot of money," students chose objects to animate, while asking, "How many of these items can you buy with $1 trillion?" Creating the hand-drawn animation (which originated entirely on flipbooks) got students thinking about the U.S. government budget, and what each one would buy if they had a trillion dollars.

Rolling out the Federal Budget

As this banner showing the federal budget rolls out, we see how much is spent on transportation, NASA, education, and healthcare compared to the more than 50 percent of the budget that goes to the military. Go to for ways to take action to cut Pentagon spending and invest in human needs programs.  To order a banner to display on your building or at demonstrations, email The $200 fee covers production and shipping costs.

AFSC Iowa interns and volunteers

Interns and youth volunteers play a huge role in AFSC's work for peace and justice in Iowa. In this two-minute video, Kathleen McQuillen, AFSC Program Coordinator, describes the various ways they put hope into action.

Iowa Dreamers win driver's licenses

Lizeth Ornelas is active with a group of Iowa Dreamers working with AFSC. In this two-minute video, she talks about the recent big win on driver's licenses and the current struggle for in-state tuition for Dreamers. For more information, please contact Sandra Sanchez, AFSC Iowa Immigrants Voice Program Director, at or 515-274-4851, ext. 11.

AFSC Los Angeles - If I Had a Trillion Dollars ...

Los Angeles students in AFSC's Help Increase the Peace class, a peace education and leadership development course at the Academic Leadership Community, produced this video.

Education: A Human Right

This video was created by the American Friends Service Eommittee, PA program's Racial Justice Through Human Rights group in 2012 together with the Youth Media Advocacy Project. The youth's deep concern for education and the deficiency of the schools led them to want to raise awareness in the community about the right to a good education.      

Educating Hope

Pittsburgh students in AFSC's Racial Justice Through Human Rights youth group produced this video.