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Hope for Hurting Families 12-10-13

At an ecumenical advent service in Des Moines, Iowans light a candle and read statements of support for humane immigration reform written by religious leaders in Iowa. Join the campaign for humane immigration reform. In Iowa, contact Sandra Sanchez of AFSC or Erica Johnson of ACLU.

The nation's army

In March 2013, Israel Social TV aired this segment on conscription of Druze, which features an interview with Omar.

What would peace look like in your community?

Peace is not just the absence of war. To these 19 young delegates to the World Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates, peace means a sense of shared security, access to jobs, health care, and education. 

Walking the Walk: A March Against Drone Warfare

In June of 2013 a group of peace activists set out for a walk across Iowa to protest the Predator drone control center planned for the Iowa National Guard Air Base in Des Moines.

Framing your anti-racist organizing: 3 tips from the Tyree Scott Freedom School

Dustin Washington, Community Justice Program Director for AFSC's West Region, shares three tips for anti-racist organizing based on his experience as an organizer with the Tyree Scott Freedom School.

Mama Nozipo Glenn on life, activism with AFSC

In this eight-minute video, Mama Nozipo Glenn of Dayton, Ohio talks about growing up in Apartheid South Africa and her 38-year relationship with AFSC. Mama Nozipo currently serves on AFSC's Midwest Region Executive Committee and the board of the Harambee Coffee Roasters Cooperative. She is also president of the Miami Valley African Organization.

Turning Combat Boots into Ploughshares Comments by I Harritt, AFSC KC Program Coordinator

Comments by Ira Harritt, KC AFSC Program Coordinator at November 10 Turning Combat Boots Into Ploughshares event. Click this link for video of comments by Pat McClelland, Veterans for Peace, KC; Will Stewart Starks, IVAW, KC; and Dave Pack, AFSC KC Program Committee Clerk.

Turning Combat Boots into Ploughshares Comments by I Harritt, AFSC KC Program Coordinator

Boots on the Border Promo