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Following the money behind border security legislation

Corporations put massive amounts of money into lobbying on issues that affect their industry. Immigration policy is no exception.
Watch the official selections for this year’s If I Had a Trillion Dollars national youth film festival. Participants will be in Washington, D.C., from April 12-14 for a youth leadership conference, a free public screening of their videos, and a chance to meet with representatives in the federal government.

New Orleans Transforming Oppression Fashion Show 2013

AFSC's New Orleans Peace Building and Conflict Transformation Project held its Third Annual Transforming Oppression Fashion Show Saturday on November 26, 2013 at Christian Unity Church. The show included twelve models and performances by seven local youth artist acts. 

Gaalkacyo oo laga bilaabay barnaamij iskaa wax u qabso ah

The Galkacyo celebration was featured on the Kalsan TV evening news.
Psychotherapist Geral Blanchard of Des Moines talks about his new book, "Transcending Trauma: Post-Traumatic Growth Following Physical, Sexual, and Emotional Abuse," with Fallon Forum guest host Jon Krieg, Communications Specialist with AFSC's Midwest Region. Geral can be reached at
Kathleen McQuillen of AFSC Iowa and Katie Huerter of Nebraskans For Peace discuss Middle East peace prospects on the Fallon Forum.

Education Is the Key to Our Success (IHTDFilms2014)

St. Louis students voice their support for education in their video entry in AFSC's If I Had a Trillion Dollars Youth Film Festival.

IHTD 2014 Official Selections - Trailer

Twenty-one official selections have been chosen for AFSC's fourth annual “If I Had a Trillion Dollars” Youth Film Festival.

AFSC New Orleans

Peer-to-peer learning is proving to be an effective way to promote nonviolence in New Orleans. Through Peace by Piece, a youth-led program of AFSC’s New Orleans program, interns and community partners train youth in conflict resolution and violence reduction using arts and activism.