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AFSC’s Lewis Webb on the school-to-prison pipeline

AFSC's Lewis Webb, Jr., on how young men of color are channeled out of schools and into prisons, where their value is seen in dollars rather than as human beings.

Good Neighbor Project in Michigan

Ron Simpson-Bey of the AFSC Michigan Criminal Justice Program talks about the Good Neighbor Project connecting people inside and outside prison. For more information and to get involved, please contact Ron at

Put Yourself in My Shoes

Created by Keiry Ceron, this video shared first place in the recent Immigrant Youth Video Project organized by AFSC Iowa. Keiry will begin her college career in the fall of 2014.

Living behind the Mask - Jose Amaya

Created by Jose Amaya, this video shared first place in the recent Immigrant Youth Video Project organized by AFSC Iowa. Jose will begin his college career in the fall of 2014.

Understanding the scale of violence in Gaza

Why isn't the media accurately communicating the scale of the siege on Gaza? Shan Cretin, AFSC General Secretary, offers perspective for Americans on the level of violence.

Storyology wrap up movie

Through Storyology: Digital Storytelling by Immigrants and Refugees, AFSC empowered immigrants and refugees by imparting new digital literacy skills, lifted up immigrant stories to share with and educate the public, and also built a community of many cultures within the class.  

How a father's detention hurt a family

Jennifer Anandarajah tells her story at a Congressional Briefing about detention, deportation and family separation. 

Addressing the root causes of the conflict in Gaza

A ceasefire that merely ends rockets and ends bombing is not enough. Mike Merryman-Lotze, AFSC Israel-Palestine program director, comments on what will bring real peace.  

Sol y Tierra growers in Anthony, New Mexico

Sol y Tierra growers is part of a farming network in New Mexico that trains individuals how to become farmers. The training lasts one year and there are three locations in the state. They are located in Bernalillo County, Dona Ana County, and Rio Arriba County.

Reverse The Power - Youth Speak Out

Youth who participated in the 2014 Social Change Institute spoke out about the need for social change and what they learned in the training. The Institute was organized by the Kansas City Program of the American Friends Service Committee and took place from June 9 through June 20. The Institute's goals were to empower youth, increase their knowledge and skills of nonviolent social change and deepen their commitments to work for a better community and world.