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A Street Media Collaboration: Dogtown Redemption & Street Spirit

by Lauren Kawana Dogtown Redemption, a documentary film about Oakland’s shopping cart recyclers, is partnering with Street Spirit, the East Bay’s homeless newspaper, to create an innovative model for telling, selling and distributing stories from the community. Dogtown Redemption and Street Spirit are shifting the media landscape by replacing traditional DVD distribution and streaming models with Street Spirit’s network of over 100 homeless street vendors.

AALBBA Workshop Video -- for use in workshops with youth

This video shares honest and authentic discussion between a group of African American and Latinx young people. They address tensions between the two communities by discussing the stereotypes, struggles, and similarities that exist between the groups.


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AALBBA Promotional Video

This video shares an overview of the project and what we hope to accomplish through AALBBA. This is not the video for use during the workshop. Please scroll down for access to the Workshop Video.

The Time Has Come, 1982

The Language of Faces, 1961

Michael Klare speaks at Boylston Hall at Harvard in Cambridge, Massachusetts, 2/12/16. The new cold war is here. US foreign policy elites have identified Russia and China as the long-term obstacles to US global dominance. Tensions are rising: Middle East, Ukraine and across Europe, South China Sea and East Asia. Military budgets, including for “modernization” of nuclear arsenals are skyrocketing. In an era of rising and declining great powers, the U.S. is playing a complex and dangerous game of cooperation and competition, with the strategic goal of resisting and: