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AFSC Staff

AFSC Staff

Mozambique staff - OCODEMA new staff

staff stands in front of AFSC office

In front of the AFSC office, staff stand in new OCODEMA t-shirts. From left: Nelson Fernando, Reuben Chacanha, Justice Duri, Rui Chadzinga, Leocadia Rutsvara, Benedito Filipe Rocha, Rebecca Gerente, Pauline Candiero, Ana Mlambo, Caiado Rodriquez and Patrick Otipa, AFSC Program Director in front. (Not pictured Rosa Manuel and Succeed Tsvanhu). 

Those quoted are Justice Duri (3rd from left), Leocadia (5th from left) and Ana Mlambo (2nd from right).

Copyright: AFSC
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