An AFSC-backed plan to bolster a city's economy and cultural life by drawing upon the strengths of immigrants and refugees has won praise from mayors throughout the nation.

The City of Dayton's "Welcome Dayton" plan, developed with significant input from Migwe Kimemia of AFSC, received an "outstanding achievement" award during the U.S. Conference of Mayors annual meeting.

"This is good news for Dayton as an immigrant-friendly city," said Migwe. "The city has definitely become a national model."

Originally from Kenya, Migwe directs AFSC's work with African refugees in Dayton on economic development and fair-trade initiatives, including a refugee-led coffee roasting cooperative whose registration was recently approved by the Ohio Secretary of State.

"I see Welcome Dayton as a vision for a global city where people can live in peace and harmony and also thrive economically together for the common good," Migwe says in his profile on the Welcome Dayton website.

AFSC's work in support of the Welcome Dayton plan is further detailed in this story from Quaker Action.