The Way of Nonviolence, a luncheon to honor Bill Densmore, filled a beautiful hall at Clark University on Saturday, October 22nd.  Bill has been involved in the heart of his city (Worcester MA) for years, serving on boards, creating organizations to fill gaps and gently bringing his years of wisdom and experience to all he touches.  His latest project was to help found the Center for Nonviolent Solutions.  He brought management experience, knowledge of Worcester, his huge web of connections and his fundraising experience to the project, all with gentleness mixed with passion.  It has truly been an honor to be part of that endeavor. 

Typical of Bill, he didn't want the day to focus on him, but on to work of the Center for Nonviolent Solutions.  In part to honor that, we commissioned a video by Kyle Forbes Bissell to try to capture our mission and experience.  Please watch it when you can - it is beautiful and inspiring.