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Vigil for Immigrant Justice 5/15/12 in Greensboro

Vigil for Immigrant Justice 5/15/12 in Greensboro

Published: May 9, 2012
Orfilia and her two sons

Orfilia and her two sons

Photo: AFSC

Vigil for Immigrant Justice

This year to celebrate Mother’s Day, help keep one mother with her children, including a US
citizen minor son.

· Keep Orfilia’s Family Together; stop her imminent deportation
· Support victims of a recent ICE raid in Greensboro, terrorizing at least 40 families
· Stand together against Secure Communities and other programs harming our immigrant

Tuesday, May 15
Our Lady of Grace Catholic Church
2205 W. Market St. Greensboro, NC 27403

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Sponsored by: American Friends Service Committee, Center for New North Carolinians,
FaithAction International House, Greensboro Immigrant Rights Working Group

For more info: / 336-854-0633

Background Information on Orfilia’s case:
Orfilia Sagastume-Reyes of Thomasville, NC is currently set to be deported on June 7, 2012. She
is the mother of a US citizen honor student. Orfilia fled political persecution and death threats
in Guatemala to the United States with her family in October 1990, following the assassination
of her brother. In 1993, Orfilia applied for asylum in the US. Based on the erroneous advice by
a previous lawyer, Orfilia and her family withdrew their asylum application, which resulted in an
order of deportation. Since then, Orfilia has been trying to fix her status, without result. Orfilia
has resided in the United States for 22 years and is the primary caregiver of a minor US citizen
child. She has no criminal record, not even a traffic ticket. If ICE re-opens her case, she will be
eligible for a Green Card. If she is deported, her son will likely have to go with her, taking him
away from his country and destroying his chances of a high quality education. If her son stays
here, he will be in the custody of Social Services. If deported, Orfilia will not be able to return to
the US for 10 years. Please help keep this family together!

Take Action!

• Attend the Vigil 5/15/12 in Greensboro. Facebook event link here.

• View the video, Fredi Reyes’ Letter to my country:

•Sign the petition: 

• Make the call: Ask ICE to please re-open Orfilia’s case. Orfilia Sagastume-Reyes, A#073-
   189-266. · ICE’s John Morton: 202-732-3000 · ICE’s Peter Vincent: 202-732-5000