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Throwback Thursday: Youth taking charge of the future (1986)

Throwback Thursday: Youth taking charge of the future (1986)

Published: May 8, 2013

Cover of the 1986 report.

Photo: AFSC

Over five days in October 1986, 32 young people from across the U.S. gathered in Washington, D.C., for AFSC’s Youth Taking Charge of the Future Conference. The participants were expected to “come with commitment to increase their ability to be leaders,” and “learn from their own experience and … from each other.”

“For a different sort of education”

David J. Snider, a social justice writer who authored the conference report, said:

“Primarily from Third World communities in the United States, they came to a conference designed to enable them to take charge of their own futures and to increase their ability to shape public policy issues of justice and peace at home and abroad. They came to learn more about national processes of political action and decision-making, to develop and strengthen their leadership skills, and to develop a youth agenda and strategies for action.”

Download the report (26 pages) to read more.

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