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Standing room only for the If I Had a Trillion Dollars Youth Film Festival in DC

Standing room only for the If I Had a Trillion Dollars Youth Film Festival in DC

Published: April 16, 2012

In honor of tax day 2012, about 50 youth from across the country went to Washington DC's iconic Busboys and Poets to be recognized for their "Official Selections" in the "If I Had A Trillion Dollars" Youth Film Festival. The room filled with over 120 people was standing room only. In her opening remarks Rachel Jackson from the National Priorities Project (NPP) noted that AFSC and NPP conceived "If I had a trillion dollars" as a way to involve our nation's youth in the country’s budget debate by asking how they would spend our nation's tax dollars. This year’s turnout proves young people care.

Twenty videos were screened, and special recognition was given to a few outstanding videos chosen by our celebrity judges Susan Sarandon, Rebel Diaz, and Derrick Crowe from the Brave New Foundation.

Watch all selections.

Susan Sarandon gave special regonition for three videos:

Loved is louder than guns:

She noted they made good use of music, while keeping the focus on storytelling.


Ms. Sarandon liked the use of photos.

Amplify me

She liked the video's clear message and sophisticated layer of mixed media. Ms. Sarandon made special note about the question posed at the end.

Rebel Diaz drew attention to two videos:

Bay Peace

Real Crime of America


Derrick Crowe acknowledged three videos:

"If I Had a Trillion (SLYM1637)"

He noted that: "This video was great, and used city-specific information to make it relevant to their peers. The use of the newscast frame was a great way to pull the viewer in."

"If I Had a Trillion (Greensboro, NC)"

His comments included that: "This video just made me happy. The voiceover was pleasant and relaxing, and the idea of building a trillion-dollars-worth of community gardens made my day."

"If I Had a Trillion (Miami Edison Art Club)"

Mr. Crowe said: "I loved this video's use of interviews and original art to convey what kind of world and country the students would want to see through a different use of a trillion dollars."