Increased militarization of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, fueled by the U.S., doesn’t benefit anyone. Here’s how you can take action this semester to help:


Educate yourself on the issues

What is the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) campaign, and how does it relate to peace and equality in Israel/Palestine? Start a discussion group using End the Occupation’s “BDS: What it is and why it matters.”

Start a campus chapter of Students For Justice In Palestine

You’ll join a vibrant network—there are hundreds of chapters at campuses nationwide. Their resources page offers information and tools on how to get started and lead an effective campaign.

Organize educational events Dalit gives a presentation

Invite a speaker to campus, facilitate a group discussion, or develop an educational event unique to your campus. 

Dedicate one day a month to tabling and letter-writing

Set up a table on campus where you can share information about the campaign and have people write or sign a letter to their government representatives.  Politicians say they never hear from us! 

Organize a flash mob

A flash mob or a similar public action can help gain visibility and raise awareness about divestment, injustice in Israel/Palestine, and related issues. You can learn more about this creative tactic here.

Target the companies

catepillar protest

Organize a campaign calling attention to and demanding change from companies such as Caterpillar, Motorola, HP, Elbit, SodaStream, Veolia, and Northup Grumman, which profit from Israel’s occupation and violations of international human rights and humanitarian law. Read more about these companies here.

Start a divestment campaign for your university 

Several campuses have led successful campaigns to get their university to stop investing in or purchasing products from companies that profit from inequities in Israel/Palestine. This guide from End the Occupation provides resources for students on the steps to leading a successful divestment campaign.