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Quakers and AFSC: Partners in Spirit-led action

Quakers and AFSC: Partners in Spirit-led action

Published: March 11, 2014
Map of Quaker liaisons across the US
Photo: AFSC

AFSC’s Meeting/Church Liaison program provides substantive ways for Quaker congregations across the U.S. to engage with their local communities and learn from one another’s efforts. This year, the program grew to include 110 Quaker congregations.

Several congregations made commitments to work deeply on issues ranging from ending mass incarceration to serving as immigrant allies to fostering more religiously hospitable communities to working for a just and lasting peace in Israel and the occupied Palestinian territory.

Bob Campbell of Merion Meeting in Pennsylvania says about the program, “I knew right away that there would be a network, so to speak, within the AFSC community that could help us focus on this topic [mass incarceration] with some expertise and that what we learned and found out would be credible, it was something that people were actually working on.”

One aspiration of the program is to foster networks of congregations working on similar issues within the Quaker community and to amplify efforts by working together. We offer monthly phone calls and resources to support local action, as well as a regularly updated blog called Acting in Faith (sign up at

If your meeting or church would like to participate, please contact Lucy Duncan at or (215) 241-7062.