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Promoting peace in Somalia

Promoting peace in Somalia

Published: December 8, 2011

Mohamed with other participants in the workshop on community mobilization skills towards peace.

Photo by: AFSC partner

Photo: AFSC

AFSC has enabled people to come together and gain skills to strive for peace with one another. In one project, the Galkayo Community Peace Promotion, AFSC works in partnership with the Puntland Minority Women Development Organization (PMWDO). This is in the north eastern part of the greater Somalia, a placed called Puntland.

We [were] able to identify some of the creative ways through which youth can be mobilized and catalyzed to renew their commitment towards the promotion of peace

-          Youth participant

The project seeks to address longstanding conflict between residents of North and South Galkayo that has led to recurrent bloody clashes between the two sides. The project targets and engages the youth and women who have been sidelined in previous efforts. AFSC believes these groups are essential to involve as they form the largest segment of the society and their contribution is critical. The project activities include; awareness through media, sports tournaments, music and drama, women’s peace discussions and debates.

Mohamed Abdullahi, a youth participant shares his story:

Youth in Galkayo are the most affected by violence and  war, anarchy and poverty which made us vulnerable to manipulation to engage in armed conflict with cash inducements and promises of a better future…

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