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A Peace Letter from Ira

A Peace Letter from Ira

Published: July 16, 2010
Ira Harritt

Ira Harritt is AFSC's Program Coordinator in Kansas City.

Photo: AFSC / Jon Krieg

"The greatest danger for most of us is not

that our aim is too high and we miss it,

but that it is too low

and we reach it."


Dear Peacemakers,

I have been thinking about “vision” and “action” this week. A vision or goal toward which I can strive gives me meaning and purpose. But it is not enough to just hold the idea out as some abstract ethic. I must make it real in my life, give it form and nourish it with my time and energy.

The Michelangelo quote above speaks to a failing I see in our public life. We, the U.S. public, seem all too willing to settle for something assured, making an outsized compromise, not striving for what we need or really want.

So, this week at least, I say let us do deeper dreaming of what could be. Let us inspire ourselves with these dreams and, though we may not live to see the fruits of our efforts, let us contribute to the work to create a world that reflects our visions of justice and peace, beauty and truth.

Thank you for your work for your grandest visions. May they become a reality.


Ira Harritt

AFSC Kansas City Program Coordinator; 816-931-5256