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Contact the Media group, part of the General Assembly of Occupy Greensboro



A New Phase Begins to Take Shape for Occupy Greensboro

Occupy Greensboro has made its transition to its winter home at Glenwood Coffee
and Books, located at 1310 Glenwood Avenue Greensboro, NC 27403, the site
where its original meetings to plan the first phase of the movement occurred.
Currently General Assembly meetings are being held Tuesday and Friday from 6:308:
30, and Sundays from 2:00-5:00pm. All in the community are welcome to attend.

One development of note is that Occupy Greensboro has become the center of the
creation of a national database of Occupy camp contacts, and has begun facilitating
resource sharing among the groups. In two days, OSGO has been able to assist
Occupy Montgomery, AL with the creation of its website, develop relations with IT
specialists in Occupy San Francisco and Lexington KY, and also create a network of
contacts within the state of North Carolina. The goal is to allow for communication
between occupy groups, collaboration on mutual events, and resource sharing like
the examples mentioned above, and more as the project develops.



December 6 has been designated a National Day of Action Against Foreclosures. Occupy Greensboro will be conducting an event to recognize this day in solidarity with other Occupy movements also participating. Details to come.


For more information on Occupy Greensboro please visit www.occupygreensboro.org