The Occupy Wall St. protests have shaken the nation over the last few weeks, confronting the cornerstone of corporate greed on Wall St. in Manhattan, while inspiring solidarity protests in thousands of cities across the country, and even the world.

Several AFSC offices across the United States are involved in their respective local protests. In Greensboro the direction of the movement is still emerging from the local community. The Area Office of the Carolinas is actively lending support to Occupy Greensboro by providing resources on non-violent actions, networking with non-violence trainers, packing and distributing material donations to the occupiers, such as toothbrushes and wet wipes, as well as information on the Federal Budget.

The momentum in Greensboro is still growing and Occupy Greensboro is becoming an example of a different society, structured through consensus and democracy.

In the Carolinas AFSC will continue to listen to the needs of Greensboro’s protesters and lend support where we can.

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