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Published: June 1, 2011
young Afghan girl
Photo: AFSC

“My daughter, who was sleeping with us in the courtyard, was hit by the bomb’s shrapnel in her head, and she died on the spot,” said Mr. Mohammed.   Nelofar's uncle Shukrullah was also killed.

 NATO issued a statement that said she had been shot. “An individual ran out the back of the compound toward the outer security perimeter and was killed when the security force mistakenly identified what they suspected was a weapon on the individual,” it said. “Later, the force discovered the individual was an unarmed Afghan female adolescent.” 

“For Mr. Mohammed, the words were little comfort. “They killed my 12 year-old innocent daughter and my brother-in-law and then told me, ‘We are sorry,’ ” he said. “What does it mean? What pain can be cured by this word ‘sorry’?”

source:  Girl, 12, Killed in NATO Raid on Wrong Afghan Home Alissa J. Rubin, NYT

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