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Moreblessing Gwauya

Moreblessing Gwauya

Published: May 10, 2012

In Hatcliffe Extension, on the outskirts of Harare, Zimbabwe, families have suffered several forced displacements. In 2010 many people were facing fresh evictions and the community was riddled with political violence and deprivations.

Moreblessing Gwauya, is one of many young people who have shown commitment to bringing change to the community. His courageous spirit and action helped prevent another round of evictions by linking affected renters with human rights lawyers who helped stop many evictions.

Moreblessing became a participant in AFSC’s livelihood restoration program where he learned to weld. With the skills developed in the program he has helped increase the stability of the community, by being one of many to assist in the development of necessities that we normally take for granted like proper housing, and reliable sewer and water systems.

Also, by coordinating street soccer games for youth from diverse backgrounds Moreblessing is providing a safe environment to informally discuss problems crippling their community and how best they as young people can play a more constructive role.   

Moreblessing has become the coordinator of Bornfree Hatcliffe Chapter an organization where community leaders are invited to “Conversation Café” and address young people on critical matters that affect their community - jobs, health care, education, and services such as electricity. The young people also speak out and urge politicians not to manipulate people.

Moreblessing Gwauya is showing that in the midst of fear and insecurity, one person can lead change in a community.