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Massachusetts coalition tells senators to pass a budget for all

Massachusetts coalition tells senators to pass a budget for all

Published: February 16, 2013
Photo: AFSC

In honor of the March 1 decision on the sequester, the Budget for All coalition visited the Boston offices of Senators Elizabeth Warren and William Cowan on Valentine's Day, delivering valentines and the Budget for All referendum results.

In November, Massachusetts voters showed their support for job creation, increased tax contributions from wealthy individuals and corporations, the prevention of cuts to social services, and the redirection of Pentagon spending to meet human needs.

The American Friends Service Committee’s Peace and Economic Security staff in Cambridge worked with other peace, faith, community, labor, and low-income groups to put this referendum on ballots in 91 cities and towns, who voted overwhelming for it.

There is a national groundswell of activism determined to ensure that the U.S. budget is not balanced on the backs of poor and working people, and AFSC’s Wage Peace initiative is working across the country to make sure that cuts to Pentagon spending stay in the budget conversation.

“We see issues of peace and economic justice as intertwined, with the costs of militarism negatively impacting the livelihoods of people in the United States and abroad,” says AFSC fellow Sofia Wolman.

Over 75 people attended the nearly two-hour event, including representatives of AFSC, the Mass. Alliance of HUD Tenants, Survivors Inc., Peace Action, Mass Uniting, Dorchester People for Peace, and Chelsea Uniting Against the War. More demonstrations are planned for the coming weeks.