By Ira Harritt, AFSC Kansas City Program Coordinator

AFSC in Kansas City continues to organize rallies, vigils and forums knowing that many of our constituents are extremely weary of war. They are also well aware of just how dysfunctional the U.S. Congress has become and how insulated our elected officials are from the impact of grassroots lobbying, especially from the left.

As we organized these public demonstrations -- and the June 23rd Afghan Withdrawal vigil was announced only two days in advance of the event -- we wondered what kind of response we might have. We wondered whether the media would cover the event.

Two recent public vigils received newspaper and TV coverage. Supporters who did turn out, and even many who did not, thanked us for speaking up and making our stand against war and for peace.

Following are a few of the “regrets” we received:

  • I've been posting this on my Facebook. I cannot attend, but encouraging others to attend. You are in my prayers for peace. Thank you for all that you do for us all.
  • I can't be there because of work, but I totally support the effort."
  • Today is my husband's birthday, and I've a piano lesson, but I will send my blessings to the group in this noble effort toward peace.”