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Jayven goes to Washington

Jayven goes to Washington

Published: August 8, 2013
Joshua Saleem and students with Sen. McCaskill

From left: Joshua Saleem, AFSC Peace Education Director in St. Louis; Dashawn Hart of St. Louis; Sen. Claire McCaskill of Missouri and Jayven Moose of St. Louis.

Photo: AFSC

By Jayven Moose, AFSC St. Louis program participant

My July 2013 trip to Washington D.C. with AFSC was a learning experience where we learned about human rights and what kind of productive life I could have. What a week.

I’m glad I went on the trip because I wouldn’t have known what I know now about human rights. It changed my life meeting other people from different cities and countries. Hearing about how they live and what’s going on in their community made me want to improve my community.

I learned even though people are from different cities and countries, that doesn’t mean that we don’t have similar problems. I know that we can work together to make a big impact on people’s lives and communities.

My favorite part was meeting Senator Claire McCaskill and Congressman Lacy Clay, sharing our story about violence in our neighborhood, and making them want to help us change our community. I also liked making some new friends.

Thank you, AFSC, for changing my life.