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Iowan Describes Journey to Afghanistan

Iowan Describes Journey to Afghanistan

Published: March 11, 2011
Brian Terrell

Brian Terrell is a peace activist from Maloy, Iowa.

Photo: AFSC

AFSC joined a number of other groups recently in sponsoring a talk by Brian Terrell, a Catholic Worker from Maloy, Iowa. Videographer Rodger Routh writes:

"Here is a two-part video of a talk by Iowa Peace advocate Brian Terrell, who is back from a mission of peace to Afghanistan. Brian, along with Kathy Kelly and a small group, went to Afghanistan  in December of 2010 to listen to what the people of that war-ravaged country have to say. The group is now telling what they have learned. It's about people talking to people. Take some time out to hear what Brian has to tell. Then do something to help end this tragic war."

part 1       Time 12:00

Part 2       Time 14:00