During the International Day of Peace on September 21, AFSC participated in events around the world to support the calls of many communities seeking peace.

Dalian, China

AFSC’s Joseph Gerson and Jason Tower spoke at the Northeast Asia Peace and Development Forum in Dalian. They were joined by Johan Galtung – a founder of the field of peace studies – and Song DaeSung of the Korean Sejong Institute.

Des Moines, IA

Speaking at the AFSC celebration of the International Day of Peace in Iowa, Geral Blanchard, an author and healer from Des Moines, described himself as a “missionary in reverse,” studying the lives of indigenous peoples in Africa, South and North America to help us understand how ancient wisdom can enable us to end our reliance on warfare and punishment.

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Greensboro, NC

In Greensboro, the Day of Peace was actually a two-day tour of the city for a visiting delegation from AFSC’s office in Indonesia. The visit highlighted aspects of Greensboro’s culture of activism and how cultural sharing, celebrating diversity, and developing personal relationships builds a community based on respect and trust.

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Los Angeles

In Los Angeles AFSC joined youth at East Los Angeles' Lincoln High School. All-day activities commemorated those lives and families affected by violence in local communities. Students passed out handouts for other students to pledge to be nonviolent and over 200 students signed the pledge.  Students also sold peace cupcakes to raise money and awareness.  AFSC currently has a Peace Education program and maintains the Friends Peace Garden at the school.

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