Thank you so much for volunteering! Your leadership makes this work possible!

  • We trust you to use your best judgment, but if you have a question – please talk to Wayne Laws! (
  • Give your spiel! We can build one together and practice!
  • Explain the facts and impact, share a story of a family you may know.
  • Explain that the petition, once it has enough signatures will go the President of the United States, United States Speaker of the House, President of the United States Senate, and members of Colorado’s Congressional Delegation.
  • Explain that it’s important to write very clearly! Your email won’t be over used and you can unsubscribe if you move. Also, reassure folks that we will only use their home address to demonstrate numbers in policy makers districts and be careful NOT to share it with ANYONE else! You DO NOT have to be a certain age or a US citizen to sign!
  • Explain the check mark boxes are to demonstrate support from certain groups, ie. Students, etc.

Invite folks to volunteer for the campaign! It’s easy, you can even down load signature collection sheets from the website and scan and email them back to us! 

  • Invite folks to share their story! Contact Peter Peterson ( or Daniela Villarreal ( to get it documented, either written or simple video.
  • Invite folks to send our website to friends on FaceBook, Twitter, etc.

We’ll give volunteer signature gatherers:

  • A folder with everything you need!
    • Signature collection sheets
    • Resolution Language in English and Spanish in plastic.
    • Palm cards – in English and Spanish
    • Talking points for the “Hard to convince” – in creation!
    • Family testimony to share – in creation!
    • A list of pro-bono lawyers, just in case.
    • A name tag
    • Door hangers, if needed!
    • Lap top, if needed!
    • A chair, table, water and candy, if needed!

We’d also like to recognize our Top Signature Gatherers each week on our FaceBook page and website!