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Engaging Somali refugee youth to address conflict creatively

Engaging Somali refugee youth to address conflict creatively

Published: December 8, 2011

The Alternatives to Violence Project (AVP) is a program that enables participants to deal with potentially violent situations in new and creative ways through the examination of their connection with the roots of violence in their own lives and society and exercises to analyze and reframe disagreements. Simple skills on conflict transformations are practiced and reflected upon in the project. In three months in 2011, ten workshops were carried out in Dadaab Refugee Camp.

One of the participants, Halima shared her experience of the workshop: “I came from a war torn country where I have not known what peace is. I lost my father and my mother could not bear to see us suffering so we seek refuge in Kenya. We know the people who murdered our father and if I were given the opportunity I would revenge for my father but my feelings changed during my stay in the refugee camp where I was lucky to attend [the] AVP workshop.”

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