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Developing Communities in Mozambique : News : Toward a New Africa : AFSC

Developing Communities in Mozambique : News : Toward a New Africa : AFSC

Published: March 31, 2010

Developing Communities in Mozambique

In July 2003, AFSC photographer Terry Foss traveled to Africa to document the progress of several AFSC programs on the continent. His trip included a visit to AFSC's Recovery to Development Program in Mozambique's Manica Province.

Working in three isolated rural communities, the program fosters community development and improves living conditions for the most vulnerable populations during periods of hardships, particularly women. Residents work with AFSC staff to plan and implement all aspects of the program. Ongoing activities include agriculture, animal husbandry, an adult literacy program, and reconstruction of local infrastructures.

A garden in Chitunga lacks irrigation, so water must be carried by hand.


Also in Chitunga is an example of a model communal granary. The granary is two stories high with grain stored above and a cook fire below. The smoke goes up through holes in the floor and drives insects away.



AFSC provides the concrete and re-bar for the bases of these privies. Two of the privies have been completed, while a third is under construction.



AFSC has provided many Scotch Carts, which provide affordable transportation for people and materials for trade in the markets. The carts also double as ambulances in medical emergencies.

All photos by Terry Foss.