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Dayton forum explores the dark side of chocolate

Dayton forum explores the dark side of chocolate

Published: April 16, 2014
Dayton Fair Trade Forum 4-4-14

AFSC Dayton Program Director Migwe Kimemia (far right), seated next to Mama Nozipo Glenn, discuss child labor and slavery at an April 4, 2014 Fair Trade Forum at Wright State University in Dayton.

Photo: AFSC

A Fair Trade Forum at Wright State University in Dayton attracted over 45 students and faculty members on April 4.

Ms. Charmaine Griffith, President of the Fair Trade Student Association, appreciated AFSC panelists Mama Nozipo Glenn, a Midwest Region Executive Committee member, and Migwe Kimemia, AFSC Dayton Program Director, for sharing information about the African experience with child labor and slavery.

“We greatly appreciate the time and knowledge you have shared tonight,” Ms. Griffith said. “We are grateful for your support.”

According to Migwe, the well-received forum was timely because it is consistent with the AFSC Dayton’s strategy for raising global awareness about conflict-free and fair-trade principles and values among the faith community and students in Southwest Ohio.

Forum participants viewed and discussed The Dark Side of Chocolate, a documentary which explores the use of child labor and trafficked children in chocolate production.

Panelists discussed the roles and responsibilities of governments, corporations and consumers around these issues and how we can end this system of oppression.


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