By Judith Rosenberg

The best thing about US Social Forum is that for 5 days you don't consume news reports or media versions of reality.  You just look and listen around you and there is the news and there is reality - 15,000 vibrant, squirming people from all over the country, and beyond, packed into the giant Cobo Convention Center in Detroit and other hot spots around town.

Finally you are elbow to elbow and face to face with the experts, the inventors, the doers and the actors, committed to human, social and planetary needs, and sharing new and smarter ideas of how to get to where we must go.  What's more, they insist on traveling in community, as sisters and brothers, as a grassroots social movement.  And many would agree with Emma Goldman when she said c 1900: "If I can't dance, I don't want to be part of your revolution." 

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